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How do I choose my good-looking color?

How do I choose my good-looking color?

We've all found that certain colors flatter us more than others. Chick yellow suits your best friend perfectly, while this same color makes you pale. For what ? Because our physical characteristics respond differently to colors.


It is thanks to colorimetry that we will study the effect produced by color on our face. To identify your colorimetry, you need to look at the color of:

  • your hair
  • your eyebrows,
  • your eyes
  • and your skin

If your physical attributes are mostly…

1/ … clear and warm, you are the spring type.

2/ … clear and cold, you are the summer type.

3/ … dark and warm, you are an autumn type.

4/ …dark and cold, you are the winter type.

For example, blondes are often spring or summer type while brunettes are more fall or winter type.


To refine its season, it is necessary to identify its temperature (or tone), ie if our skins and our eyes are of hot or cold colors. Warm colors are colors that draw towards red, yellow or orange… Cold colors draw towards blue. So, in general, people who have red or golden undertones, brown or hazel eyes are warm undertones. On the other hand, people who have blue eyes, rosy complexion and hair with silver highlights are cool in tone. In terms of metal, gold is a warm color and is perfect for spring and autumn type profiles. Silver, on the other hand, is a cool color that will suit summer or winter type profiles better.

Know that your season evolves with you. This is because your skin tone and hair color can change over months or even years. The color that suited you perfectly this winter may appear dull this summer. So feel free to try and test in natural light.

Anyway, feel free to add a  touch of color to your outfit or around your face to complete a sophisticated look, all in lightness.

It is not always easy to identify your season. But choosing the right color is a real asset. If in doubt, it is best to carry out a colorimetry test with an expert. The tests can even be carried out remotely.

For more information, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our image expert, Circé de Lylle. She will be happy to help you find your best asset.

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