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How to wear a leather clutch? by Circe de Lylle

How to wear a leather clutch? by Circe de Lylle
The clutch is the essential accessory of your look. Whether mini, XL, carried by hand, on the shoulder or across the body, all clutches have this in common...they enhance and dress up the outfit you have chosen to wear.
Yes, but there you have it, faced with so many choices and possibilities, how do you choose THE cover that will suit you the most? How to adapt your shoulder strap to your style and your way of life?... What are the ideal sizes...?
I will start by sharing with you my 2 basic tips for choosing and wearing a clutch:
Tip #1: Choose a clutch that matches your personality and lifestyle.
- If you like light and sophisticated accessories, a clutch type bag is the ideal solution.
- On the other hand, if you are far-sighted and prefer to keep as many documents as possible on each of your trips, choose mini pockets. Gathered in a larger tidy bag, the mini pockets will organize all your documents and personal belongings in a clean and efficient way.
Tip #2: Drop your clutch on a part of your body that you cherish! Inevitably eyes will be drawn to where your bag will be positioned. On the shoulder, the clutch will highlight your hips, under the arm for your bust, etc... In the same vein, the bag can also be an interesting ally to harmonize your silhouette. Thus, A morphologies will prefer to wear it on the upper body and V morphologies on the bottom
Once these 2 tips have been given, let's focus on how to wear this ultimate accessory!
  • Silhouette n1: Handmade for a chic and refined effect, it will be the ideal accessory for an elegant or even sophisticated outfit. It is ideally worn like this in the evening. Beauty tip: as eyes are more than ever on your hand, make sure you have an impeccable manicure! Handle size: 40cm
  • Silhouette n2: Under the arm. Chic and sophisticated like the clutch, but more comfortable since you have your hands free. It is also the safest option to avoid theft. Handle size: 60cm
  • Silhouette n3 Worn on the shoulder, the clutch will be a great asset to refine a feminine and classic look. It can be worn on any occasion (work, outing, shopping). The length of the shoulder strap will essentially depend on the part of your body that you want to highlight (see tip nº2). Shoulder strap size: 90 - 100 cm

  • silhouette n4 and 5 : The clutch bag worn crossbody or over the shoulder (i.e. tight and falling on the upper body). It's the height of casual chic style. It can also be worn on any occasion but remains ideal for walking around town with crazy elegance. Shoulder strap size: 110cm
  • silhouette n6: For a casual style, it is best to wear the clutch over the long shoulder strap. This is without a doubt the most comfortable way to wear the be adopted for long walks or endless shopping sessions. Shoulder strap size: 120 cm

And don't forget, your most beautiful accessory is your smile, so adopt a style that suits you and in which you feel comfortable.

Trained at the largest French image consulting school (Ecole Supérieure de Relooking de Paris), Circé opened her agency in 2020. From Paris to Madrid, via London, Circé accompanies individuals, professionals and companies who have varied reasons but a common ambition, to make their image a vector of fulfillment and success. His maxim: make visible the value of each person!

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